San Francisco #3: Retail Lovin’


Last instalment of San Francisco loving, and this one is without a doubt overdue! But with good reason.

I definitely spent way over my intended budget across the several days I was there, including $100 at Safeway (thanks Essie!), and nearly double the amount at Sephora, amongst others. But American retail was just too cool (and cheap!) to avoid, and I had no one stopping me either…

essie nail polish

New Essie babies: I couldn’t buy any more after I realised I would be taking them through in my carry on bag and they are technically liquid!

shopping san francisco makeup

Plethora of girly goodness!

sephora perfecting eye primer

One of the biggest discoveries of my life: Sephora Perfecting Eye Primer.

Eye makeup always tends to slide off on my eyelids around and my eyes, no matter how awesome the brand. I didn’t think I could be saved… until I found this and bought it on a whim. No turning back!

shopping san francisco fashion

Sweater lines (from top to bottom): Zara, Forever 21, Madewell ♡


I’ve been eyeing this for ages! Solid perfume from Diptyque (in Eau Duelle)

nike shoes

New Nike kicks!

reese's peanut butter cups

Now it wouldn’t be an American dream without a large packet of Reese’s peanut butter cups. Seriously.

Ahhh.. doing this last post makes me realise how much I miss travelling! At least it’s only about 4 months until I holiday around Malaysia, which I’m really looking forward to. Work’s busy as usual which partially explains for my lack of blogging activity. The other main reason I would attribute my inactivity to, is a lack of interest. I’ve found that I’ve lost my voice/will to blog in recent times… and I was planning to blog about the fact that I was going on a mini hiatus for some soul searching, but then that would entail further blogging, right? So the hiatus is over and decisions have been made (sort of)! I think my next few lines should be in a mini post all in itself!