Home Cure


Being sick at home for most of the past four days really makes you realise how much you miss the average daily dosage of human interaction, at least it did for me. Luckily (or rather unluckily, depending if you’re a half empty/full -type of person), I started the first symptoms of my death-like cold on a Saturday. Having already made semi-double-booked plans for that evening which I really couldn’t cancel since I had organised one of them, I pushed through. Come Sunday, I felt like a walking zombie and proceeded to sleep for most of the day, only waking up during meal times.

Then the week started, and this is when the real fun began: being stuck at home on a work day! This is how the day unfolds:

  • Put the kettle on
  • Cook something to eat
  • Take Codral
  • Slice up lemon, squeeze out honey, slice some ginger = lemon/honey/ginger tea
  • Pour the rest of the boiling water into a bowl, add some eucalyptus oil = inhalation liquid
  • Watch Once Upon A Time
… and then press loop and repeat for the rest of the day!

I’ve become so good at making the teas, I just had to take a snap of one – see? You can even spot the ginger! Perfection.

Meanwhile, thinking that I would make a stunningly rapid recovery on the second day (today) but failing miserably, I decided to take the safer option: see the doctor and stay at home. The doctor experience was gold. The best part was being told I was getting better and hence did not need antibiotics. The second best part was receiving the medical certificate and realising after I had walked back out to reception. that it had an Indian woman’s name on it. Gold. Naturally I took it back and got a reprint.

As I was on the mend, yet still not back to 100% health, I restarted the loop & repeat process as mentioned above. That was awesome as I am now up to the most recent episode of Once et al, and can whip up a honey/lemon/ginger tea like a seasoned pro. Oh, and I also had the chance to play with my colourful chick babies who have been keeping me company these past two days. Aren’t they cute?

  • GillianStepic

    Sorry to hear you have been so unwell!
    Honey/lemon/ginger tea is a lifesaver when you are ill, it works magic I swear!