Changes Changes Changes


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So if you read the latter few lines of my last post, you would have probably seen this coming: it’s time for a new chapter in my blogging life! I’ve made some decisions across the past few days and I’m feeling very good about it. As a result, it’s also brought back my blogging mojo – emotionally so to speak. There are several steps that I will be taking to start this new journey, namely:

  • Changing the way I blog and what I blog about
  • Changing platforms from self-hosted WordPress to Tumblr
  • Changing the (domain) name of the blog (since Gareth is too busy with work)
  • Changing the new blog’s look and feel

I don’t see the point in closing Les Deux off entirely, or losing all the old content either if I were to leave it here open. That’s why I’ll be moving house with all of this in tow. The funny thing is that I originally started this blog using Tumblr in the beginning, back in 2009, a time when Tumblr didn’t have as many bells and whistles as it does now. Funny how some things turn out and come full circle! I’ll be keeping updates on the process I go through as I migrate over etc, if that tickles your fancy. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take too long, or rather I don’t take too long coming up with a new blog name!

Technical note: And for those of you wondering why I’m moving back to Tumblr? It’s mostly because it’s easier and faster to blog with, it has a slicker and simpler interface, and it has great social roots. In a way, I feel like I have undergrown WordPress if that makes sense. Something that I never thought would happen to be honest!

  • coisado


    I see you want to change your platform. Well, I need to migrate a blog from self-hosted wordpress to tumblr or blogger, but I’m not finding a simple way. Some people says that you can migrate to blogger and then to tumblr, but the tool only allows 1MB, and I’m having trouble to import to blogger (it shows an error). :(

    Do you have any ideas? 

    Good luck, anyway! :)